Why girls love to play Online Barbie games for phone

Welcome to lolygames.com for the best Online Barbie games for phone. Some of the games in this category are makeup, fashion, and design, pedicure, manicure, decoration.

Get cute outfit for all occasions at lolygames.
This is where girls get various dressings with different designs for all occasions like wedding, birthday, Christmas, dinner and all casual dress ups.
Girls like being glamorous and shining during the red carpet and fashion shows. This is where they play dress up games for the latest hairstyle, latest shoes and pretty dresses.

Make up.
Girls like creating a new look for their face and they get many styles to choose from at Loly games. They unlock the new power of lipstick, eyeliners, eye shadow and blush to create this new look. This helps them have an amazing look.


Girls learn how to make different types of cakes and pizzas at lolygames.com.They also learn how to prepare different types of meals.

Girls learn various types of decorations at Loly games. Some of the decorations are room painting and coloring.

They also learn how to build and design a house.

Girls like playing the dating at this site. This is where they get the perfect dress, the most beautiful hairstyle, the glamorous makeup for the dream date.

Baby caring
Girls learn how to become good and caring mother in the future. This is where they learn how to take care of a baby boy or a baby girl so that they can be great mothers.

Girls learn how to make love and kisses during their first dates.
These games give girls a chance to adventure in different types of skills and professions of different kinds like pilots, chef, fashion designers, hotel managers, waiters and solonists.

Girls like them because they are easy to follow and they enjoy having fun while playing them.They learn how to be outstanding during various occasions.