Trading Is a Game of Grit

Analyzing the quote “Money is made by sitting, not trading.” – Jesse Livermore

Yes, this is a good one.

What is basically means is that patience is good for trading. Patience is good for all markets and all trading styles. Trading is based on pattern recognition and patterns repeat at different time intervals. And it is the market that decides when to show you a good trade with good price action and when not to. There is only one speed, that of the market. And the market does not care about you, what you want or what you need. Price acts then you react.

I have traded nearly all timeframes and there were times when I’ve had to wait every day, all day in front of the computer for more than two weeks for something interesting to pop up on the 5 minute time frame. I also remember having to wait almost two months for the market to show me a good trade on the daily time frame.

Patience, however, comes only after you know and understand what you are doing! Otherwise it is meaningless. Know the market and how price acts first.