Why should SEO be important to you?

The common belief is that if you don’t show up on the first three pages of a search, your customers won’t find you. Search Engine Optimization is not the only way to bring customers to your site. Other options are:

Traditional Media Advertising: Print, TV and Radio ads are still effective ways to inform potential customers about your products or services and let them know about your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC): Buying advertising from Google, Bing or Yahoo is the fastest growing advertising medium.

Word of Mouth or Social Networking: The best advertising is still having a happy customer that tells their family and friends about your website. This is where the introduction of Facebook and Linked-in are causing online businesses to change their marketing strategies.

In our trainings we address all three of these areas. The term SEO is now being applied to the all the above techniques, even though it was meant to apply just to search engines. Whether you call it SEO, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Online Advertising, the result is the same – SEO brings more customers to your site!

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