How long is Alaska fishing trip

Alaska is the top destination of almost every angler.

This is because of the wide variety of fishing options available. With a coastline of about 34,000 miles and numerous lakes, Alaska fishing trips from can fit inside almost every itinerary. If you are an experienced angler or a novice fishermen, Alaskan fishing tours will satisfy your needs fully. Over this huge coastline, throwing the fishing rod in any place will not produce great results. You actually need to get where the fish are. This is where the various fishing tours from the come in.

You’ll likely be going after the big two: halibut and salmon. A total of five species of salmon can be found in the Alaska ranging from pan-size to 100 pounds. Meanwhile, the halibut can weigh hundreds of pounds.
Out of the many fishing trips, the Bering’s Sea crab fishermen tour is one of the best. This tour departs from Ketchikan, Alaska to catch king crab, snow crab, fish, prawns and more. This tour takes you on the same vessel “Aleutian Ballad” as the season 2 of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch”. The vessel has been fitted with various amenities. This fishing trip shows you the true Alaskan beauty.

How long is Alaska fishing trip

Another good tour is Baranof Fishing Excursions from Ketchikan, Alaska. Most of the good fishing trips are from Ketichikan, Alaska because of the world famous port and the habitat for aquatic life.

Beartrack lodge is another good for the fishing trips. It is located on the foothill of the mesmerizing Alaskan Range, where the Talachulitina River, meanders through the mountains. This is a fly-in tour; an hour from Anchorage. The guests can choose to fish locally or charter a helicopter to fish remotely as they please. Now the question arises that how long is the Alaskan fishing trip? All these trips can range from as low as 3 hours to 6-7 days. One can opt for the tour that best suits the time available on hand. Information about all these tours can be found on This website allows the anglers to meticulously plan the tours.