Price Tells You Where It Wants To Go, Just Follow The Market

Analyzing the quote “Trade what you see and not what you think.” – Unknown (to me) author.

This is an interesting quote.

Translation: See the market objectively. Forget what you think is possible or impossible, what’s fair or unfair, what’s balanced or unbalanced, what happened before or what is about to happen. Don’t think like a gambler. The logic of the market is of a different kind.

It takes time to learn that logic. It takes time to get used to the randomness of the market. It takes time to get used to chaos.

Don’t try to predict where price will go. That is impossible but you can learn more about price action analyzethisfx. Simply follow the market. The market leads, you follow. Price will show you where it wants to go. Just make sure you understand price action.

The market will make a fool out of you many times. But if you keep your cool and trade only what price shows you, you just might make it.