Big Results Matter

“I have 3 sites currently on SEO Link Revolution and all 3 have hit the first page of Google”

“For the past 3 months all of my sites have been steadily moving up the rankings, I was particularly impressed with the performance of one of my sites as it was a completely new business. I have a mixture of local and highly competitive keywords all of which I am making progress with every week. It is unbelievably easy to load and launch and all I do now is monitor the progress and tweak the campaigns when needed. It’s a great system…”
Michael Vaughn, SEO

“In just 2 weeks my client’s site moved 18 places to position 1”

“My client was looking to rank locally for her beauty therapy treatments so I followed the advice given and allocated some of the permanent, instant links and left the site for a week. The site moved to the front page in the first week and to the top spot in the second week! I haven’t even submitted any articles yet!”
Dave Plummer

“I moved to position 5 and 3 in a little over 2 months for 2 extremely competitive keywords”

“I had been hovering around the bottom of page 2 and top of page 3 area for some time, admittedly the keywords I had selected were pretty saturated in terms of competitiveness and massive in terms of volume so I wasn’t too optimistic about what would actually happen, but … I loaded over 200 articles allocated my permanent links and sat back. Steadily both keywords began to rise, I couldn’t believe the difference in traffic stats from even being at the bottom of the page 1 to position 3. It’s amazing, I am still determined to get both terms to position 1!”
Colin Lishman

“Using just 1 article 50 times I made it to position 2”

“I used 1 article and created 50 unique variations, I got to position 2 in just 2 months, it basically took me an hour of my time, that’s all …”
Lynee Hebden

“Rocketed to the front page”

“My first site was on page 9 for google and is now at the top of page 2 and my other site was a brand new site, that one has rocketed to the front page. I have put just one hour effort into launching both of the sites, this is incredible, it’s great fun to just login every day and watch them get higher!”
Val Kendal

“3 Sites ranked on Google’s front page”

“My fourth site is not even finished yet but I have already started a campaign on JupiterLink. My other three sites have all seen significant movement since joining the site three months ago. Before that, I was manually submitting articles and it was taking forever to move just a few places. Now I feel like I could easily manage 10 sites!”
Florian Diaz