What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization simply refers to improving where you show up on an internet search. Search engines crawl your site looking for associated terms or keywords which tell them what the site is about. Essentially, the more the search engines understand your site the better page rank they give you.

SEO is the term used in the industry to encompass all of the different techniques that can be applied to your site to optimize your relationship with the search engine. SEO can be addressed in a number of different ways.

Site Content: How much content is on your site and how does it all relate?

Site Design: Does the design of your site help or hurt the ability for search engines to find you?

Internet Presence: How is your site recognized on the internet by other sites and directories?

SEO techniques are constantly changing. Once it was as simple as having the appropriate keywords in you meta data or hidden fields. Now Google doesn’t even look at meta keywords because of the increase in keyword spamming.

At the SEO Training Group, we take the mystery out of all these topics and give you the tools and techniques to take control of your website and ultimately your ability to earn money on the internet.